Wilton Farm Cheeses

Wilton farm cheeses

We are proud to produce two distinctive and award winning cheeses, on our family farm in Norfolk. 


Wissington is an award winning, flavoursome, ewes milk cheese.

Norfolk White Lady

A superb, creamy white brie-style cheese. Made from ewes' milk

How we make our cheeses

Made in small batches to ensure quality and attention to detail, we lovingly handmake each cheese.

Made using ewes milk, pasturised on site, we then add cultures and rennet to create the curds. The curds are hand cut and then hand potted into individual moulds. The following day they are salted and then turned daily until they are ready to be hand wrapped.  

History of the business

In the words of Jane Murray the founder:

‘Initially, I started milking a handful of Friesland dairy sheep in 1986, which soon increased to a flock of 60. After nearly a year of trying to develop a cheese recipe, with varying success, I eventually started production of Norfolk White Lady in 1999. This was the first cheese produced commercially in Norfolk and the county name was naturally included in the name of the cheese. “White Lady” was chosen because my sheep were my white ladies in the surrounding black fen, the cheese has a bloomy white surface mould & I was one of very few “lady” cheesemakers.

The following year I developed the recipe for the hard, manchego styled Wissington cheese. This name was chosen due to the dominance of the Wissington sugar beet factory on the skyline of the surrounding fens. In 2008 I sold my dairy sheep & relocated the cheese business to Deopham, where I developed the mild & creamy Deopham Blewe. After 23 years of increasing cheese making success, I sold my business at the end of 2021 & looked forward to retirement.’

Norfolk White lady Structured Tasting Notes

3-5 weeks old

The cheese gives lactic milky flavours.  smooth yogurt and mild yeast notes with a slightly chalky paste with a drier mouth feel.  Would be good to Pair with something slightly sweet to balance the sharp lactic notes.

6-8 weeks old

More savoury yeasty notes, with vegetal flavours.  The Paste is giving way to a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.   Very good with a chili jam at this stage

9-11 weeks old

Rich, deep vegetal now, quite different from the cheese 6-8 weeks earlier.  The umami notes will go well with a pickled pear that will ad a little acidity to cut thru the rich savoury elements.

‘Flavour profile undertaken by Victoria Dunthorne of Victoria’s Cheese

Where you can buy our cheese

We are proud to supply a great selection of deli’s and farm shops across Norfolk & Suffolk. Here are just a few.  Click on any of the names below to access their details:

Want to become a stockist?

We’re always looking for new stockists for our cheeses, so if you would be interested please get in touch with us.