What we do


We are proud to produce two distinctive and award winning cheeses, on our family farm in Norfolk.

L&R Enefer Livestock

Wilton Farm has long been a livestock & arable farm. Now run by the 4th generation of Enefers.

About Us

Now run by the 4th generation of Enefers, Wilton Farm continues to sustainably farm for future generations. The current residents are custodians of the land and we treasure this area of Norfolk we call home. 

Wilton farm History

Wilton Farm has been in the Enefer family for over 90years. First rented by Alfred Enefer in 1930 and then purchased in 1954 by Mick & Bob Enefer. The farm is now run by Nathan and his wife Linda. 

Their son Lee also lives on the farm with his wife Becky and their three boys, Jeffrey, Alfred and Lucas. 

Alfred & Ruby Enefer

Mick & Bob Enefer

Mick, Joan & Bob Enefer

The Enefers 2023

The best cheese I've ever eaten! Perfect on our Christmas cheese board
- Lily Gardener